Friday, October 25, 2013

Apply Online for Your Mortgage

In this day and age, people are often so busy that it can be hard to find enough time during their schedule to accomplish something they need or want.  Sometimes, the window of opportunity is not at an opportune time for your schedule.  However, technology has made certain things much more convenient than it ever has been in the past, like getting a mortgage.

My website has an “Apply Now” link where you can go 24-7-365 to apply online for a mortgage.  One of the best features about this online loan application software is its capability of issuing a pre-approval letter on spot.  Also, you do not have to complete the loan app in one sitting.  This is a great feature since we all get interrupted at unexpected times.

We all value our time.  So we want to give you the ability to apply for a mortgage when you have time to.  Below is a Your Mortgage at Your Convenience flyer that you can print off or send to anyone you know who may find this beneficial.

If you fill out an online loan application, I will still give you a quick call. After all, I need to make sure we are seeing eye-to-eye, discuss goals, and structure the loan to meet your needs.